Summary of Quick Facts

Climate info Summary

Despite what we read in newspapers, the Quick Facts are: –

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The ‘97% con sensus’

Turns out it’s a completely fabricated figure, the ‘97% consensus of all scientists’ was –

…. just 75 carefully selected people !!

see alsoCheating Charts & Slippery stats; the con-mans charter.

The many ways people can be misled with statistics and graphs.

Climate Models & Predictions

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to predict the Global Temperature a 100 years into the future;

We can’t even predict accurate weather 2 weeks ahead.

Since the 1990s NONE of the predictions by climate models have agreed with actual observed data.

Even the IPCC say the models are wrong, so why are we using them to make political & financial decisions??

At last a group of climate modelers & scientists finally confirm the models are wrong.

Why are all the climate models wrong ?

Green house Gases

• The only major greenhouse gas is Water vapor at 95% : CO2 is just 3.6%: Methane = 0.000179%

• Water vapor acts like a self adjusting blanket; it’s nature’s thermostat.

• Water vapor uses the ‘magic ingredient’ Latent Heat to transfer enormous amounts of heat energy to space.

How much of the total “Greenhouse Effect” is caused by human activity?……. Just 0.28%

CO2 contribution to warming = Human activity & fuels = 0.117%: Natural CO2 = 3.5%.

Since 1999 Total CO2 has gone up…but…temperature & climate has remained stable.

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide (it’s not carbon )

• To put the “carbon” scare into perspective:

CO2 has increased from about 3 parts in 10,000, to only 4 parts in 10,000 …. in 150 years,

& most of it is natural !!

• CO2 is a very tiny trace gas, currently at just 0.04 % of the atmosphere [400 parts per million (ppm)], but it is essential to ALL life on earth. At current and projected concentrations, more CO2 is better.

There is NO scientific evidence proving that CO2 is anything but a completely harmless trace gas, which is very beneficial to the biosphere.

• Any small variation in sunlight, clouds, albedo, El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), etc swamps any signal we see from CO2.

• Summarizing the post-war period of continuous rise in CO2 emissions

1. 1945-77: 32 years of extreme cooling, despite rapidly rising CO2
2. 1978-96: 18 years of slight warming, under still rising CO2, and
3. 1997-2015: 18 years of flat temperature, but cooling slightly for 11 last years, despite even more rapidly rising CO2.

Hence, for 50 of the past 70 years, the world has cooled or stayed the same despite rapidly rising CO2.

QED, CO2 plays little part in global temperature change

• In a solar eclipse, the air temperature can drop 10 °C in a few minutes & the CO2 in the atmosphere doesn’t do didily-squat to stop the heat loss.

If it’s cloudy you don’t see the eclipse it just gets dark, but temperature remains the same;

Therefore water vapor is the controlling factor, NOT CO2.

CO2 for plants

• Plants prefer CO2 levels of 1,200-1,500ppm; currently we only have 400ppm.

• In the last 30years, the increased CO2 airborne fertilisation correlated with an 11 per cent increase in foliage cover across parts of the arid areas studied in Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa.

• Most commercial greenhouses inject CO2 at 1,200ppm for improved crops.

Ice Caps

• Very little change in total global sea ice in 35yrs, the Arctic has diminished, Antarctica has grown.

Arctic is slowly recovering from the melts in solar cycle 23. ~ 2 million kM² more ice than 2012.

2015 Arctic sea ice had one of its shortest summer melt seasons on record (160 days), and has seen record autumnal re-growth; (it gained six million km² in 10 weeks). Producing the most ice for 10yrs.

Arctic sea ice thickness is 40% up over the past four years.

Twenty Years of ‘Unprecedented Melting’ Has Left the Arctic Sea Ice…almost Unchanged

In 2015 – The amount of sea ice in the Arctic was essentially identical to 20 years ago.

• The last time the Arctic was ice-free, CO2 levels were only 260 ppm.

Polar Bears – are not drowning or starving, but actually doing very well some populations up 40%;

Glaciers – some shrinking some expanding (Hannibal couldn’t cross the Alps now)

The North West Passage has been open many times in history, but it closed early in 2015

Greenlandhas been gaining about 3 billion tons of ice per day since 1st September 2015.

It’s the highest rate of accumulation in the last 24 years. (Do you still believe it’s the hottest year ever ?)

1,000 yrs ago Vikings grew Barley in open fields & fed the population. Today (2014) only limited root crops (e.g. ~3.5kg of potatoes/person/year) & salads from heated greenhouses are grown.

In 2016 (the ‘hottest year ever’) we find the temperature is lower than in 1895, well before CO2 levels increased; do you still think CO2 drives climate ?

The size of the area still covered by snow at the end of the Greenland summer is increasing.

Norway – Air temperature has remained stable since 1979.

Antarctica – In 2004, NASA showed there’d been a strong cooling for previous 20 years;

2015, Antarctic continues growing to record levels. 120,000 square km above the average maximum, with a net gain of ~ 82 billion tons more ice per year.

There are currently 25 active volcanoes on the West Antarctic plate,

(Coincidentally, just where some limited melting has occurred !! )

Ocean ‘acidification’

Journalistic hype based on very poor lab & desktop experiments. Even the IPCC report says –

“Few field observations conducted in the last decade demonstrate biotic responses attributable to anthropogenic ocean acidification”

Either – the oceans are getting warmer, so the CO2 concentration in seawater is decreasing (due to outgassing).

This means that ocean acidification from man-made CO2 in the atmosphere… is nonsense.

Or – the oceans are getting cooler and the man-made CO2 from the atmosphere is dissolving in those cooler oceans and causing an insignificant local short-lived ocean acidification.

This means that warming oceans and the associated sea level rises… are nonsense.

Take your pick – because Basic Chemistry doesn’t permit both.

Scandals & frauds in climatology

The Hockey stick graph’ – This is Michael Mann’s fraudulent piece of junk science that started the Catastrophic Anthropologic Global Warming (CAGW) juggernaut.

(Now removed from official publications…but the damage is done.)

Lies, Lies & more Lies They Think It’s OK to Lie to Us about Climate Change!

Eg: “So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts… Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”
Stephen Schneider, Stanford Professor of Climatology, Lead author of many IPCC reports

Climate gate’ – data manipulation, suppression and fraud by prominent climate scientists.

Carbon offsetting – (Al Gore’s pension plan) Even the Pope & Greenpeace agree that carbon offsets are a scam.

Data Tampering  – A huge amount of historical climate data has been ‘adjusted’; see Large list 

Amazingly now, it always tells the required political story.

( I assume they didn’t think any one would bother to check the archived records)

How can we prove the new ‘adjusted’ temperature data IS wrong …fraud??

Misinformation  – Fake claims, on:

Warming, Melting, Cyclones, Droughts, Temperatures, Polar Bears & Sea Level.

Eg. Scientists Admit Polar Bear Numbers Were Made Up to ‘Satisfy Public Demand’

‘Hottest ever’ turns out to be…. cooler than average.

Strange how the ‘Unprecedented’ ‘bigger than a Cat 5’ “Most Dangerous Hurricane In History” Patricia, made land fall as Cat 2, then turned into a “Named Tropical Depression” all in a few hrs; with no deaths & limited damage.

Seems the only records it broke is for amount of hype & misinformation/ lies generated.

All the ‘Unprecedented’ events have usually happened many times before.

Sea level rise

In 1985 Al Gore predicted a ~7feet sea level rise by 2100 (18mm/yr)

By 2006 Al Gore had upped it to 4 to 6 meters (13 to 20 ft) for his film (that’s 64mm/year !!!)

Global sea level rise (depending where you are on the globe)

is between 0.3mm & 2.8mm/year ~ 1½ inch 10 inches/century.

Absolute measured global sea level rise is just 1.7-1.8 millimeters/year. ~ 180mm (7inch)/ century.

Approximately the thickness of 1 penny – &

Historical records

• There’s been no acceleration in the rate of sea-level rise in response to anthropogenic CO2.

Coral Atolls are created by sea level rise, …as discovered 150 years ago by Charles Darwin


Earth is about the size of an average sunspot!

The Sun heats the Earth, when its radiation increases, the Earth warms;

When the radiation falls, Earth cools.

The last two cycles of declining sunspot activity suggest a cooling trend…. but time will tell.

The next Grand Solar minimum appears to be imminent within our life time!

See what the Dalton & Maunder Solar minimums did for us !!


Twenty years ago the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] said we are expecting a warming of 0.3C a decade. So we should now already have 0.6C warming – that hasn’t happened.

Despite what you see on the TV – according to the scientific records –

** As of Dec 31, 2015 was only the 3rd Warmest in the last 37 years **

Global Temperatures

Have risen just 0.8°C in 130 years (0.006 °C/year), that’s amazingly stable!

2015 A Record “hottest ever” Year… Not according to the data. 1953, 1998, 2010 were hotter

2015: the hottest July… ‘ever’ ? No it’s only the 10th. (Even if you include jet engine exhausts at Heathrow

No global surface warming for 18 years 7 months.

The RSS satellite dataset shows no global warming at all for 224 months,

from January 1997 to August 2015 – more than half the 440-month satellite record.

There has been no warming – even though one-third of all anthropogenic ‘forcing’ (‘CO2 emissions’)

since 1750 have occurred post 1998 (when the Pause began ).

Only 7.9% of NOAA temperature stations are accurate to less than 1C. ►Also see this page.

Yet NOAA claims precision of global temperature estimate to 0.01C.

Local Temperatures UK.

Britain is still only +0.3°C warmer than it was in 1659,

Even with the increase in CO2 & all the dire predictions of British summers being like southern Spain,

Was 2015 the hottest year …. ‘ever’ ? No!! 6 of the first 9 months were colder than average. Also see “The Hottest on record”.

73 Snowfields Survived the 2015 Scottish Summer. The most since 1994.

We are still 2°C colder than when the Romans were here.

Local Temperatures USA

NOAA still reports a land surface cooling trend since 2000 (even after massively ‘adjusting’ data).

Sea surface Temperatures

• The oceans (according to the 3,600+ ARGO buoys), are warming at a rate of only 0.02 °C per decade,

= 0.23 °C per century, that’s just 1 °C in 430 years.

• For the last 10 years the North Atlantic has shown a slight cooling trend.

Climate cycles

Climate is driven by a combination of various natural cycles (ranging from ~11 years to ~41,000 years).

The resultant interplay & the harmonics, plus the action of clouds is what controls our climate.

(Not scientists, engineers, or some loud mouth politician! )

Wild Weather

• 2016 was another lower than average year for USA Tornados 

• Global cyclone activity is at a 45-year low and the trend has been in steep decline since 1990.

• 10 years since a major hurricane (defined as a Category 3 or above) made landfall in USA?

( Hurricane Wilma October 24, 2005 )

• Strange how the much hyped- ‘Unprecedented’ ‘bigger than Cat 5’ “Most Dangerous Hurricane In History” Patricia, apparently made land fall as Cat 2, then turned into a “Named Tropical Depression” all in a few hrs; with no death & limited damage.

See ‘Hurricane Patricia Was A Damp Squib’ –

Turns out there were 6 previous storms in 2015 with more Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) !!

Seems the only records Patricia broke, is for amount of hype & misinformation/ lies generated.

Zealots & the MSM even stooped to using false photos in the rush to have ‘a big catastrophe’ in time for the December2015 Paris COP 21 climate conference festival (40,000 attendees !!).

• Prior to 1960, wildfires in the US burned far more acres than they do now.

All our ‘Unprecedented’ weather events have happened before, it’s weather not climate.

• Most deaths by flooding occurred before we had ‘global warming !!


• The earth’s atmosphere is a chaotic fluid system.

Anyone who has ever studied Fluid Dynamics in an engineering, aeronautics, or physics class knows that any fluid system has a large number of variables that interact in a non-linear way.
The problem is compounded when the system is not closed – i.e. when there are external variables that can directly influence the system, but are not affected by that system (cosmic rays, planetary movements, sunlight, etc.)

• The sun is the source of most of our heat (a tiny amount also comes from the molten rocks beneath our feet).

• The clouds (water vapor) are the main controlling feedback system (mainly through latent heat transfer & blanketing ).

• Human influence on the atmosphere is ≈ 0.28% the other ≈ 99.72% is entirely natural.

• Climate has been changing, from hot to cold (often violently & rapidly) for 4.5 billion years – without the hand of man.
The Earth’s climate is not behaving any differently now, than it was over the previous 10,000 years. Anthropogenic CO2 emissions have not significantly affected the bulk temperature of the atmosphere.

We should count ourselves lucky to be existing at a benign period, enjoy it whilst you can; history (geology) tells us that it will change again some time in the future.

• “Net energy transfer ALWAYS occurs from high to low”. (Planck’s Law)

Therefore atmosphere CANNOT be the source of any warming,

Because it is lags the surface temperature, a simple cause and effect.

• When one looks at the data it is clear that the surface stations are warming first, followed at a lower rate by the atmosphere (read by satellites). This means that the warming CANNOT be due to CO2.

The science is very clear; there is no Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming CAGW.

This of course does not mean that a mild warming has not happened (remember we are coming out of The Little Ice Age).
It simply means that CO2 and back radiation cannot be the cause.

If the ‘science is settled’ why do we keep getting so many different new reasons (on a weekly basis)??
& why do proponents of CO2 induced warming want anyone that has a different view prosecuted ??? ►75

Politicians dictate the laws of man. – Nature dictates the laws of physics.

It is a very dangerous world, when politics tries to trump science.

The last lines of this say it all –
Since that was written (1983) a lot of those figures have been revised upwards
as a result of the Hubble Telescope.

The following pages give far more detailed information & links.