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Blog Sites with large amount of climate science content –

Other sites –

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2013 report – IPCC AR5
Technical Summaries available here –

This is a sensible ‘Green’ site, all about the environment, climate change, being really green & sustainable; focusing on the long term and the bigger picture.

Up-to-date independent news on climate science – http://www.reportingclimates

Our Planet

What’s blowing & moving

Interactive map of earth showing – winds, temps, ocean currents, pollution & more.

(This is the same data used for world weather forecasting),60.01,408

(Works well in ‘Chrome’ & ‘Firefox’)

Click on – ‘earth’ for parameters (e.g. for Jet Streams height =250
Click on ‘globe’ & drag to rotate;
Click on ‘globe’ – green spot gives – Position, Wind direction & speed, Temperature.
Click on ‘
about’ for more details.

Temperature colour key for surface layer.
Dark Blue = 0 to -10°C, Light Blue = -10 to-30°C, Red = -30 to -60°C
Green = 0 to +10°C, yellow/green = +10 to +20°C, Brown = +20 to +60°C

6 min video- ‘How to use the EARTH map’ –

Or just jump to –

Arctic –,92.49,408
Antarctic –,-89.53,408
North Hemisphere Jet streams & temperature –,96.16,278
North Atlantic currents –,40.57,622

A similar (but different) Interactive map of earth showing – winds, temps, ocean currents,

Plus – Barometric Pressure, Clouds, Humidity, Rain, Snow, Swell, Waves.

Temperature colour chart only gives -35 to +35 in 15 steps.

Click on ‘globe’– White spot gives – Temperature; Click for detailed forecast for that spot.,1.912,1 – (Works in ‘Chrome’)

What’s erupting? List & map of currently active volcanoes

What’s shaking ? Global Earthquake Monitor
& UK –

Whats flashing ? A worldwide, real time, community collaborative lightning location network. (you can turn sound on/off)

Significant Weather Charts, worldwide

Real time weather webcam from all around the world –

A set of historical temperature graphs from a large selection (243) of mostly non-urban weather stations in both hemispheres. – only goes to 2003 so none of this data has been touched by the recent ‘data adjustments / homogenizing’ record tampering.

[People have been talking for years about the anomalous warming in Siberia. The best explanation is that in the Soviet era, heating fuel was distributed according to local temperature, and in remote Siberia the local authorities would exaggerate the cold (change the temperature data) to get better resources. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s there was no longer any incentive to do this, so they then reported the real temperatures. Voila, an instant warming!]

11 Satellite views of Earth showing THE major greenhouse gas….water vapor (clouds)

Carbon & CO2. see also Videos
The Carbon Cycle – Good clear explanation –
Carbon & CO2 –

Climate History

Satellite measurements

Since 1979, NOAA satellites have been carrying instruments which measure the natural microwave thermal emissions from oxygen in the atmosphere. The intensity of the signals these microwave radiometers measure at different microwave frequencies is directly proportional to the temperature of different, deep layers of the atmosphere.

A total of fourteen instruments have been flying on different satellites over the years.

The satellite measurements are not calibrated in any way with the global surface-based thermometer records of temperature. They instead use their own on-board precision redundant platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) calibrated to a laboratory reference standard before launch.

At present, there are 8 AMSU instruments, 5 on NOAA platforms (NOAA-15 through NOAA-19), 2 on EUMETSAT platforms (Metop-A and Metop-B), and one on NASA AQUA satellite.
Limited coverage started in 1979, more comprehensive coverage started 1998

RSS. Remote Sensing Systems –
UAH. University of Alabama Huntsville

11 Satellite views of Earth showing THE major greenhouse gas….water vapor (clouds)

Landsat Since the early 1970s, Landsat has continuously and consistently archived images of Earth; this unparalleled data archive gives scientist the ability to assess changes in Earth’s landscape.
Image archives. –

US Geological Survey; Aerial & satellite photos

Snow Maps

Snow analyses – – eg. On 20 dec 2015, 36% of USA was covered in snow.
Northern Hemisphere; snow & ice –

Global snow map for skiers and snowboarders –
Global historic snow


Sunspot Charts

Sunspot number from 1749 up to the present. –

Good primer for the solar system –
Diagram of the Solar System (planets & sun to scale, distances are not)
Reference books & papers

Water Vapor
Note Reversed depictions – Top map ‘Water Vapor’- blue = water vapor; Yellow = dry air.

But the Bottom map ‘Clouds’- blue = no clouds: White = totally cloudy. Very confusing.

Medieval Warm Period (MWP)

World wide evidence of the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) online tool

You can click on any rain location where there is a study and it gives you complete info on the range of years studied. methodology, and results. Each summary has a direct link to the paper in the journal it was published in.


The Inconvenient Skeptic: The Comprehensive Guide to the Earth’s Climate by John Kehr
Very understandable, easy to dip in & out of. If you only buy one climate book…make it this one !! & website

Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years: by Singer & Avery
Unstoppable Global Warming argues that the 1,500 year solar-driven cycle that has always controlled the earth’s climate remains the driving force in the current warming trend. – 240 reviews see-

Climate, History and the Modern World by Hubert H. Lamb
An excellent book, clear, concise, factual, no political bias. Essential reading for anyone interested in both the causes and workings of climate and in the history of climatology itself. Lots of maps, graphs & photos.
The 18 page index makes navigation of the book easy; plus 21 pages of notes & further reading.

Well laid out in a logical format, it covers all the main points & shows not only that we have had major climate change for 4.5 billion years BAG (before Al Gore), but also shows how cyclical and stable the present climate actually is.

Climate, History and the Modern World 2nd Edition by HH Lamb –
I am hugely impressed with the sheer quality & quantity of research and knowledge that Hubert Lamb showed, chock full of highly technical and factual data but very easy to follow, and fascinating.

Let them eat Carbon: by Matthew Sinclair. –
He demonstrates how the carbon market only rewards dishonesty and corruption. The sheer lunacy of the European and American fiscal policy for promoting “Green energy” is encapsulated in a quotation on page 264 of this book ” Unlike traditional commodities, which sometime during the course of their market must be delivered to someone in physical form, the carbon market is based on the lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no one.”

The neglected sun: Professor Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning –
Vahrenholt and Luning show that four concurrent solar cycles master the earth’s temperature.

The Chilling Stars: A Cosmic View of Climate Change : by Henrik Svensmark –
Svensmark’s research at the Danish National Space Center which has shown that cosmic rays play an unsuspected role in making our everyday clouds. For anyone interested in the real science behind our climate, this book is a must-read.

Heaven & earth; global warming, the missing science: by Ian Plimer –
“A well written but very badly edited book – if that is possible. I like the author’s style – but he does repeat himself an awful lot.” But it’s well worth the effort.

“A Disgrace to the Profession” Paperback Mark Steyn – Review –
Michael E. Mann’s ‘Hockey Stick’ scientific fraud, as told by other climate scientists from around the world.

The Hockey Stick Illusion: Climategate and the Corruption of Science: By Andrew Montford read 89 reviews

On Global Warming and the Illusion of Control – Part 1. By Bob Tisdale: A free to download Adobe PDF
The Table of Contents is interactive; you fast-forward to a topic by clicking on it. There are links in the text that take you to the source material [some of it archive (via the waybackmachine) so old data sets & info can’t be tampered with] cutting out hrs of research.
Full description here –

Water Management in the English Landscape: Field, Marsh and Meadow –
The draining of the Somerset levels –


97% Consensus


** “Should we celebrate CO2?”
Lecture by Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace. 41mins. Very clear, simple & astute, covers earth history, good graphs.
Transcript –

• Dr William Happer in 2012. mins.
Swift overview of CO2 driven Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming CAGW

• Climate Scientist Professor Murry Salby’s excellent clear lecture on CO2 & global temperatures explains why scientifically….
The atmospheric CO2 CANNOT be the source of the warming, because it is lags the surface temperature. 2014. 67 mins Starts at 2 mins don’t worry about the equations in the first 25 mins (they are only if you want to check his calcs) listen to the words !!

In a lecture in London on the 17th March, 2015, he reveals new work plus a Q&A session mins

Climate science & CO2 for the layman.
William Happer Professor of Physics at Princeton University, makes it simple. 23 mins

• William Happer “The Myth of Carbon Pollution” 50 mins

The PseudoScience of CO2 Based Climate 32mins.
Nobel Prize winner in physics Dr. Ivar Giaever


IPCC and Antarctica Professor John R. Christy – 4mins

We live in cold times. The Greenland ice core record

Global Warming for Dummies Dr. Roy Spencer 24 mins

• “Healthy Polar Bears, Less than Healthy Science” Dr Susan Crockford 21 mins


Lord Christopher Monckton speaking in 2009 mins very watchable.
He eloquently cuts through the hype & clearly explains well researched scientific facts.
Listen & then make up your own mind.

Four professors explain the science of climate change in words of one syllable to the Canadian Senate Hearing on Climate Change – 2 hrs.

NASA Scientists Invalidate the Global Warming Hypothesis
50 mins.

Climate of Fear – (how science has been usurped by politics) Patrick Moore co-founder of Greenpeace

The Key to Science Physicist Richard Feynman – 1min

The foundation stone of ALL Science.

Feynman on Scientific Method. 10 mins

Explaining the scientific and unscientific methods of understanding nature.


• Prof Freeman Dyson (nothing to do with vacuum cleaners) on Global Warming 22 mins. Excellent overview.

The 20th century warming is not unusual. Dr. Sallie Baliunas and Dr. Willie Soon from Harvard.
They confirm that the MWP from year 900 to 1300 was warmer than today.

How & why the Global Warming Scare Began: John Coleman documents the entire story. 36mins A bit rambling & American, but factual

The Greenhouse Conspiracy (1990) A “Channel 4” documentary 51 mins lots of good clips to be taken.
It is interesting to see that what was being said 25 years ago is now confirmed by all the un-tampered data sets.
Here is an edited transcript:!topic/sci.environment/CZFBa8CyvkM

“I don’t put much stock in looking at the direct evidence”
Dr Stephen Schneider climate modeler US Center for Atmospheric Research

“The Great Global Warming Swindle” 75mins

Warming Interrruptus – what caused the pause? Dr. David Whitehouse 3 mins

Is there really a global warming consensus? 7 mins

George Carlin on Global Warming min.s Astute & funny.

The Warmists view

The science is not up for debate” !!
Sierra Club President Aaron Mair (alarmist /warmist) when questioned on Climate Change by Sen. Cruz …
Mair also refused to issue a retraction, even if the data contradicts Sierra Club statements!! Unbelievable !!

Alarmist Gavin Schmidt (NASA) refuses to debate with a real climate scientist; (Dr Roy Spencer). 12mins

Lord Monckton explains why Al Gore & David Suzuki & others refuse to debate Global warming. 10mins

Other ‘Stuff’

Wonderful 2002 lectures on ‘ Exponential Math’s’
( Trust me it’s not boring & it is relevant to YOUR life )
Dr. Albert A. Bartlett’s presentation on “Arithmetic, Economic Growth, Population, and Energy.”
In 8 x 9 minute parts: playlist

• wind live production –

• As we think of it today, the scientific method consists of four basic steps:

  1. Formulate an idea or hypothesis to be tested.
  2. Collect and analyze relevant data that will adequately test the hypothesis.
  3. Evaluate the results and refine the hypothesis.
  4. Repeat the process until the hypothesis can be accepted or discarded.

John Cooks 2013 publication based on the abstracts of 11,944 papers on climate published between 1991 to 2011, claimed a 97.1% consensus, but a subsequent analysis of this claim reported that only 0.3% – not 97.1% – of the papers actually supported the notion that humans had caused most of the warming observed since 1950; the publication is considered fraudulent.