Antarctic Sea Ice Growth

Sea ice extent, 31-12-2014
Shows 2014 sea ice annual re-growth is well beyond the 1981-2010 average
Sea ice extent, 06-10-2015
Even more ice in 2015

Antarctic sea ice extent reached its maximum for the year on October 6, 2015, at 18.83 million square kilometers (7.24 million square miles). It was 120,000 square kilometers (46,000 square miles) above the average maximum daily extent computed over the 1981 to 2010 period.

Antarctic ice 1979 to 2014 & 2015

NASA’s Antarctic Temperature Fraud

In 2004, NASA showed that Antarctica had been strongly cooling for 20 years – archive link

But that story wasn’t going to scare anyone;
So in 2007 they simply changed Antarctica’s history from cooling to warming.

And stated ( “In the five decades prior to the collapse, the Antarctic Peninsula experienced a temperature increase of 0.5 degrees C”) – • ( Putting that into context; the average monthly temperatures range is between -3°C & – 27°C )
What collapse ??

But despite all the scary model predictions of melt & collapse ….the ice continues growing !!
So now (Oct 2015) NASA states “Antarctica adding snow, not losing it” & the American Geophysical Union show a 30% increase in West Antarctic coastal snow accumulation

Table 10.7 from the IPCC’s AR4 report – – tells us that in ALL scenarios Antarctica contributes negatively to sea level rise, because of increased snow & ice formation.