Maldives…. drowning ??

Maldives 1988: “A gradual rise in the average sea level is threatening to ‘completely cover’ this Indian Ocean nation of 1196 small islands within the next 30 years” (2018)


Maldives drowning’ claimed (in 2009 stunt) –
If carbon emissions continue at the rate they are climbing today, my country will be under water in seven years.”

BUT they’re still there – , & since then they’ve built 100s of hotels & several more airports……by dredging the protective coral reef to build the runways !! Duh

I don’t think anybody would be investing in hotels & airports if they thought that infrastructure would be flooded in the next 50 yrs let alone 7yrs.

The best way the Maldives could reduce their contribution to increased CO2 in the atmosphere would be to close all the tourist resorts on their islands & refuse all international flights.
But no, they continue to build airports – – because they live there & know how coral atolls really work.

Professor Nils Axel Morner who has studied sea level changes on the Maldives for several years.

Maldives coralline atolls have been formed by the total reduction of a volcanic bed beneath the ocean. The volcanic bed roofed the same area the Maldives occupy at present. As the volcanic activity declined, the volcanic bed sank gradually. Eventually, the islands ended being submerged totally; nevertheless, the corals continued growing at their perimeters. The continued growth of these coralline reefs upwards (up to 80 mm per year), on the submerged volcanic bed gave rise to the formation of the Maldives coral atolls.

So it has nothing to do with rising sea levels…

But everything to do with sinking of a volcanic stack & coral growth.

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