How can we prove the new ‘adjusted’ Temperature data is wrong …fraud??

Simply use science, math’s & the ideal gas law (P × V = n × R × T)!!…/The_Ideal_Gas_Law

Since the volume (V) of the atmosphere doesn’t change, neither the amount of molecules (n) and since R is the ideal gas constant it means that if we adjust the Temperature (T), pressure (P) needs to change as well. Lower T, means lower P. Higher T means higher P. It’s that simple.

Only T is being adjusted. This increasing of T in recent times means that P must also be higher now too.

Since barometric pressures have been accurately measured (since 1700) and at the same weather stations we can easily deduce if it’s suddenly got warmer or not: the pressure must have increased.

(I am sure you’ve already guessed the real answer to this… is NO.)

In addition, if T is being adjusted so must the dew point and of course relative humidity: with the adjusted T ’s both must than be adjusted accordingly. But you can’t adjust those… they are what they are.

Lastly, with adjusting T, which would mean P as measured was wrong too… , wind speed has to change too. Wind speed is depended on pressure gradient and temperature… hence now the wind speeds also to be adjusted, since apparently those were measured wrongly too…
Or need to be adjusted because…» insert a lame excuse here «.


IF the temperatures are wrong & need adjusting, then 300years of accurately observed (barometric pressure, dew point, relative humidity & wind speed) data from around the world must also be wrong!!
But the repercussions go much further than that; ALL calculations that use ANY of that data must also be wrong. e.g.-

Air-conditioning & refrigeration, bridge & high-rise building, mining & tunneling, diving & submarines, ship & aircraft navigation, sewage disposal, weather forecasting, space travel, wind turbines, the way your car engine is tuned….the list is endless.

This is why adjusting of Temperature makes absolutely no sense. All environmental variables are inter-dependent and inter-related, change one, then you have to change all. You can’t change only one.

The trouble with truth…… it always gets out in the end.