How much of the total “Greenhouse Effect” is caused by human activity?

How much of the total “Greenhouse Effect” is caused by human activity?……. Just 0.28%

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Here’s another way of looking at it-
If one imagines a length of the Earth’s atmosphere one kilometre long,
780 metres of this are made up of nitrogen,
210 are oxygen and
10 metres are water vapour (the largest greenhouse gas).
Just 0.38 of a metre is carbon dioxide, to which human emissions contribute ~ one millimetre.”

Prof Ian Plimer

We are a small boy peeing in a river, and taking credit for its increased flow.

How do you explain the following:
Atmospheric CO2 has risen by 100 parts per million (one part per ten thousand) over the past century.
Experts claim that this one molecule has heated the other 10,000 molecules up by more than one degree centigrade.

In order for one molecule to heat up 10,000 other molecules by 1°C, the effective temperature of that one
molecule would have to be 10,000°C – about twice the temperature of the surface of the Sun.
How is this possible???

The ‘Greenhouse Effect’

The hothouse Limerick –
There was an old man named Arrhenius
Whose physics were rather erroneous
He recycled light rays
In peculiar ways
And created a “heat” most spontaneous!

The atmospheric “Greenhouse (hothouse) Effect”, is an idea that many authors trace back to the traditional works of Fourier (1824), Tyndall (1861), and Arrhenius (1896), and which is still supported in some global climatology, essentially describes a ?ctitious mechanism, in which a planetary atmosphere acts as a heat pump driven by an environment that is radiatively interacting with but radiatively equilibrated to the atmospheric system…..But according to the second law of thermodynamics, such a planetary machine can never exist.

The theory was disproved by Robert Wood in 1909.
Yet politicians & hack journalists still quote it as fact !!

[ Arrhenius also performed extensive theoretical research on: bacterial toxins, various plant and animal poisons, Electrochemistry, Immunochemistry & Cosmic Physics.
His theoretical work on acid bases also contained some major errors. ]

Here is an excellent explanation of the actual “Greenhouse Effect” & shows the major errors in Arrhenius’ original thermodynamic & CO2 forcing theory.

Additional CO2 has a diminishing effect on temperatures, due to saturation of CO2‘s main IR absorption bandsAs carbon dioxide increases it has less warming effect
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Doubling CO2 does NOT double temperature rise, it is logarithmic function not lininer

The heating effect of CO2 rapidly diminishes with quantity. A doubling of CO2 from 250 to 500 gives ~1DegC, 500 to 1,000 gives ~0.4DegC & 1,000 to 2,000 gives just an extra 0.1DegC.  3 doubling s (from 250 to 2,000) will only give a 1.5DegC rise

[ 1 PPM (parts per million) = 0.0001% of volume ]

As CO2 actually has a narrow IR absorption ranges, most of the IR from the surface goes right out to space. And, the CO2 in the atmosphere is always colder than the surface – the models are daytime 24/7, no night time—the energy levels in the surface equivalent to the IR given off by CO2 are full and the IR will be reflected. CO2 cannot and does not warm the surface.

Nature demonstrates how & why – CO2 cannot and does not warm the surface…

Water Vapour (H20 gas) & CO2 are green house gases;

CO2 is fairly well mixed in the atmosphere at ~400ppm; Water Vapour/humidity varies.

Take a desert (say Saudi Arabia)
or ( Death Valley)
… Humidity near 0%, CO2 ~ 400ppm.
Very large temperature fluctuations between night (0-10 degs C) and day (40-50 degs C)

Take the tropics (say Bangkok),Bangkok,Thailand
… Humidity near 80%, CO2 ~ 400ppm.
Very little temperature fluctuations between night (30degs C) and day (35-40 degs C)

As CO2 levels are the same in both places, the main atmospheric variable is Water Vapour.
The H20 vapour traps the heat because it interacts with energy at wavelengths (infra-red) emitted by the earth.

Another of Natures own quick demonstrations…

In a solar eclipse, the air temperature can drop 10 °C in a few minutes proving the CO2 in the atmosphere doesn’t do didily-squat to stop the heat loss.

If it’s cloudy you don’t see the eclipse it just gets dark & air temperature remains the same, hence water vapor is the controlling factor; NOT CO2…. QED.

For the scientifically inclined:
Observe the absorption spectra of GHGs and the emissions spectra of the Earth.
Unless you can change the laws of physics, that is your evidence that CO2 is NOT the main green house gas.

Solar radiation Transmitted & Adsorbed by the ‘greenhouse gasses’

Radiation Transmitted by the Atmosphere

Note how water (H20) absorbs most radiation particularly in the infra-red; CO2 has 4 small spikes.
Additional CO2 has a diminishing effect on temperatures, due to saturation of CO2‘s main IR absorption bands

Planck’s Law states, “Net energy transfer occurs from high to low”. Thus, when one looks at the data it is clear that the surface stations are warming first, followed at a lower rate by the atmosphere (read by satellites).
This means that the warming CANNOT be due to CO2.

This of course does not mean that a warming is not happening. It simply means that CO2 and back radiation cannot be the cause. Rather, the cause must be something that is allowing MORE radiation from the sun to reach the surface from the sun.

CO2 is more complicated than the IPCC proclaims Dr. Sallie Baliunas.

Climate Scientist Professor Murry Salby’s Excellent clear lecture on CO2 & global temperatures explains why scientifically….
The atmospheric CO2 CANNOT  be the source of the warming, because it lags the surface temperature. 2014. 67 mins Starts at 2 mins don’t worry about the equations in the first 25 mins (they are only if you want to run a check on his math’s) listen to the words !!

In a lecture in London on the 17th March, 2015, he reveals new work plus a Q&A session

Shindell’s (computer) model predicts that if greenhouse gases continue to increase, winter in the Northern Hemisphere will continue to warm. ‘In our model, we’re seeing a very large signal of global warming and it’s not a naturally occurring thing. It’s most likely linked to greenhouse gases,’ he said. NASA, GISS, 2 June 1999

So what happened since 1999 ?? Total CO2 has gone up…but…temperature & climate has remained stable.

Human CO2 emissions

CO2 Emissions

Temps vs CO2
Blue = Temperature °K Black = temperature trend line °K Red = CO2 ppm

After 1/3 of al Man's influence since 1750... No global warming for 18 years 8 months
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