Jan 2021:    Over the last few yrs many links on this site have gone dead, info has been ‘adjusted‘ or been ‘disappeared‘, videos have been removed & lots more new data has surfaced.

Over the next few months we hope to bring this site back up to date.  Please drop by & catch up.

As we’ve seen from history

It is a very dangerous world, when politics or religion tries to direct science.

For the last 30+ years we’ve been bombarded daily by Global Warming / Climate Change ‘news’ (most of it fake) from politicians & cut & paste ‘churnalists’…and we are told to believe it all…without question

This site is for quickly finding up to date scientific information on Global Warming / Climate Change, hopefully presented in a clear way that’s accessible to all.

From simple to complicated via –

  • Bullet Points:
  • A superficial explanation:
  • More in-depth explanation:
  • Full scientific explanation:


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Whatever you think about the climate debate, even if you do nothing else, please read

‘A rough guide to spotting bad science’ ,

The Climate Quick facts

& View : – This nicely presented 9min video by Dr John Robson ‘ Keeping Our Cool

&    10 Failed Climate Predictions 6 mins (many more than 10, but that’ll do for now)

This is a big site that will grow over time as we verify & include more info, plus update existing data….it’s a constant work in progress as new data comes in all the time ( the science was never settled… except in the  minds of politicians ).

We’ve tried to layout these pages of facts & links (selected from 1,000s) as simply & briefly as possible (given the complexity of the subject), so you can quickly dip in & out for the main basic facts in each section & then follow the links (if you desire) for verification & further research.

Plagiarism:  almost  all of the information on this site is the work of others;  I acknowledge the copyright in all the works of others lies with the author of that work, I don’t intend to pass any of the works of others as my own; this site is intended to make that information more easily available.

Please bookmark & use as a reference library,

And enjoy your research. 

Scientists & Engineers tend to use a lot of Acronyms, Abbreviations & strange convoluted terms that most people (including a lot of Scientists & Engineers) don’t recognise or understand. It adds to their mystique & makes them feel important if only a few people can understand the ‘code’ & know what they are talking about.

Once you know the ‘codes’ many ‘complicated papers’ become as easy to read as an Agatha Christie novel.

Here are a few links to help you cut through theACRONYM

(A Concise Reduction Obliquely Naming Your Meaning) or (A Contrived Reduction Of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics)…& other ‘BS’-

Climate Acronyms and Abbreviations –

Climate terms: glossaries –

Nature works on physics & unbiased facts,
it never ever takes any account of human opinions or beliefs,

……maybe we should do the same !!

All links have been tested & lead to safe sites.

Some links die, (some then get resurrected, but, with different data !!) use the ‘Wayback Machine’ https://archive.org/web/

Warning !! A few links are to Wikipedia. Whilst most of that information is pretty accurate, a small % isn’t (because anyone can edit it), the trouble is you don’t know which bit is wrong…so use with caution !!

Many climate/renewables pages carry items which were once thought to be correct, but have since been shown to be in error (Hockey stick, polar bears, some Vostok ice core interpretations for example).

Any attempt to correct these errors is always reverted if the edit casts doubt on the official propaganda.

see- http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150814145711.htm &


– Nevertheless most of Wiki reference links are invaluable…but again use with caution !!

Some of the sections have a box containing a headline prediction by a major ‘climate expert’

Followed by the observed reality;

sometimes with an additional sarcastic comment from me – (I know I shouldn’t…… but I can’t help it !! )

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The Science of Climate Change, CO2 & more. Dr Patrick Moore 

Christopher Monckton speaking in 2009 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zOXmJ4jd-895 mins. Very watchable.

He eloquently cuts through the hype & clearly explains well researched scientific facts in more detail.

Listen & then make up your own mind.


I can recommend a more comprehensive (free to download Adobe PDF) E-book By Bob Tisdale – ‘On Global Warming and the Illusion of Control – Part 1.’ https://bobtisdale.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/tisdale-on-global-warming-and-the-illusion-of-control-part-1.pdf Details in ‘More Info’ pages.